The Purpose Foundation

Prayer. Patience. Purpose.

  Our Mission Statement  
We believe in connecting the dots between Faith, Food & Fitness for every generation. We Give Hope.  We are the purpose team.

Welcome to The Purpose Foundation!
                                           Here's a little about us:

We believe in a better life. We here at The Purpose Foundation want to welcome you to a whole new experience. One that frees you! Welcome to change. Real change. Tangible change. Change you can feel and others can see. Feel free to look through our programs, meal planning, events and volunteer opportunities! 

What exactly do we offer? 
Group Prayer, Bible Study, Faith formation & fellowship. 
Group workouts, hikes and walking events.
Vegan catering and meal prep service.
Free Organic, Vegan and low glycemic cooking classes
Community garden planting & Community Co-Op/Food Shares. 

Faith - Food - Fitness. 

June 3rd Cooking With A Purpose!
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What's New: 

Eat For A Cure <---- Click here:
Our new, organic and vegan meal prep and catering company! 

A Devotional-Cookbook! 
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