The Purpose Foundation

Prayer. Patience. Purpose.


We here at The Purpose Foundation, believe in financial transparency. We want YOU to know where YOUR money goes. And how it helps us. Along with the above expenses to keep this Ministry afloat, we also have an on-going "building fund" to get our own meal prep food service flowing. 

Any donation to us is GREATLY appreciated. We thank you in advance for helping us, help you. 

***All donations are tax deductible to The Purpose Foundation 501(c)(3)


Dr. Wayne Dysinger


Lifestyle Medicine Solutions

Riverside, Ca

"Diana Wehbe and The Purpose Foundation are on a mission, a mission to change how we look at health and healing.  Their natural, wholistic, spiritually oriented approach to preventing, arresting and reversing so many of the diseases that riddle our communities and our cultures are paradigm shifting, yet exactly on target.  Their deep insights, unwavering commitment, and incredibly positive energy are a joy to be around. It's wonderful when you find someone who is mission aligned.  We've found that with The Purpose Foundation and Diana.  We look forward to many ongoing collaborations."  

Dr. Cono Badalamenti 


Lifestyle Medicine Solutions

Riverside, CA

"At Lifestyle Medicine Solutions health and wholeness are central to our mission. We want to live the message. "Food as Medicine, Exercise as Medicine, Resilience as Medicine, and Purpose as Medicine." Diana Wehbe has an incredible testimony of taking back her health. We appreciate Diana sharing what she has learned on her journey. There are foods that can heal your body and save your life. What's fun is Diana has learned to make those foods taste delicious! Lifestyle Medicine is a message of hope. You can break free from illness, you can reverse chronic diseases, and you can change your destiny!"  

Pastor Michael B. Kelly

Senior Pastor

Mt. Rubidoux SDA Church


"Diana Wehbe came and absolutely blessed us last night. She definitely will be back. You know there are a lot of people who are on fire for the Lord because it's a cool thing to do and a cliche thing to say. Diana Wehbe really is on fire for Jesus. 

Because when Jesus has taken you through the fire and you come out as pure Gold you can't help but tell and share and declare. That's what she did and we were all inspired to go higher and trust deeper. Thank you for being a vessel. Can't wait to do more stuff for the kingdom."