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Prayer. Patience. Purpose.

Programs with a Purpose :

Cooking with a  PURPOSE

This class is designed to educate people on Organic, Vegan living. How to do it, WHY to do it.

Especially designed for those who are struggling or battling an illness. These classes are not only educational but entertaining and fun! We pray, we cook and we eat! Classes focus on the benefits and purpose of every single ingredient. Classes teach others how to incorporate spices and ingredients that help clean and detox your body daily, lower blood sugar and cholesterol, lower anxiety and increase energy levels and over all health.

All proceeds donated through #CookingWithAPurpose go to benefit the Purpose Foundation's mission of educating the youth on Faith, Food and Fitness.

Keep an eye out for our EVENTS page to find the next #CookingWithAPurpose event!

Want the PURPOSE TEAM to cater your next community event? Send us an email inquiry!

Organic Living Gardens

Organic Living Gardens is the first of it's kind. A group of people who want to see the world grow organic food


Self sustaining, fully organic ( from the seed to the soil) No pesticides, USDA certified organic seeds and hand made Organic soil. The PURPOSE of these gardens is to show people what generations past have eaten and how we too can help our bodies heal and our Earth sustain. These gardens are small steps to a bigger and better Earth that God has made for all of us.

To ask for an Organic Living Garden in your area, please fill out the form to the right of the screen.

Weeble Workout Day:

"Weebles Wobble, but they DON'T FALL DOWN."

Diana Wehbe's "Weebles" aka, her followers asked for motivation. So, The Purpose Foundation has stepped in an installed a once per month workout day, or hiking day (weather permitting). This group of people ranges from ages 13-40, men, women and children. It is a time to Pray, Workout and harvest new friendships.

To organize a #WeebleWorkoutDay in your city click here.


CWAP Feedback: 

" thank you so much for sharing your wisdom and passion! This was an awesome class i truly enjoyed it!
Erika Vanrensburg

"I'm so inspired by this woman and how much passion she delivers (and GREAT food) Thanks for reminding me that all great things come only from God." - Azu Rios

"Cooking With a Purpose.. what an amazing class! It helped me realize all the bad that is going not only into my body but my son's as well!
- Sarah V.

TPF at Unity Farms:

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