The Purpose Foundation

Prayer. Patience. Purpose.

About: The force behind the brand.

Meet our team:

Chief Executive Officer:
Diana Wehbe
LaDonna Fordham
Antoine Wehbe
Director of Development:
Jazmin Jones

Board of Directors
Dr. Cono Badalamenti
Lifestyle Medicine Solutions
Laure Wehbe
Spiritual Advisor
Jesse Ramirez
Public Information Officer
Bryan Stephens
Mental Health Behavioral Specialist

About us:

The Purpose Foundation is a non profit organization based in Moreno Valley, CA. Our mission, simply put, is to give hope.  Our story begins on July 24th, 2012 when our executive director Diana Wehbe was diagnosed with an ovarian tumor and verbally diagnosed with type II diabetes. Weighing in at about 270lbs, Diana was only 26 years old and was struggling to understand how a young woman working in mainstream radio(99.1 KGGI/I Heart Media) could be struck with such horrible medical news. She turned to prayer, and through prayer, found patience to endure the road ahead. She felt God calling her to a new way of life. Breaking free from her patterns of gluttonous overeating and insecurities. In a span of 10 months, she became 100% vegan, stopped eating any processed foods or sugars and ate only what she cooked herself and sourced the freshest food possible from local farmers and grocers. In 10 months, miraculously, had lost 100 pounds, reversed diabetes and was pain free from the tumor on her ovary. The tumor has since shrunk and she attributes this to her faith in Christ. This testimony has led us to believe that many more can benefit from a plant-based lifestyle and strong prayer life. We started this company with the emphasis on giving hope to the hopeless, much like Diana young people today struggle to find a way to positively change their circumstances. Our non profit offers spiritual and emotional support through Bible studies and “Come Alive” our young adult ministry, nutritional support through “Eat For A Cure” our vegan, organic meal prep and catering company, and physical support through our “Women who Walk” program, encouraging women to get out and move. All programs are designed to be led by example of our staff and volunteers. We have been up and running for 3 years. Diana’s story of hope has been supported by Women’s Health Magazine, I Heart Media, local newspapers and radio, Lifestyle Medicine Solutions, Clark’s Nutrition, Goodwin’s Organics, The American Heart Association, The American Diabetes Association, Disney, Molina Healthcare and Lowes.

Meet The Purpose TEAM: 

Lilliana Cid
Volunteer since 2013 

Ross Holman
Volunteer since 2013

Jonathan Aguilar
Volunteer since 2013

Jazmin Jones
Volunteer since 2014

Eva Ramirez
Volunteer since 2014

Michael Tukes
Volunteer since 2014

Laurie Flores
Volunteer since 2015

Nanci Almanza
Volunteer since 2015

Berlyn Buck
Volunteer since 2015

Alejandra Escalante
Volunteer since 2015

Sherrish Barnes
Volunteer since 2015

Cindy Lopez
Volunteer since 2015

Our Mission: The Purpose Foundation provides education led by example to inspire youth to find a balance between their spiritual, mental and physical life.